The University of Kentucky Equine Science and Management Undergraduate Degree Program strives to not only educate students about equine science, but also to prepare them for future careers. Part of this preparation includes classroom guest lectures, hands-on labs, requiring an internship before graduation, exposing them to numerous industry-related careers. We have also added a series called the Student Professionalism Series to the Wildcat Canter, written by internship coordinator and lecturer Elizabeth LaBonty. The Student Professionalism Series offers insights and tips to help you effectively prepare for, find, apply to and obtain the career of your choice. Below are some recent columns.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression...


6th Annual UK Equine Career and Opportunity Fair

You are awesome

Bad Bosses: Part I

Bad Bosses: Part II


Preparing for the end of the semester

Can you hear me now?

Lifelong Learner

Good Game


The easiest things are rarely rewarding. The rewarding things are rarely easy

Be the best right where you are

They call it work for a reason...

Benefits of traveling abroad

To ask or not to ask, that is the question