UK Polo is club sport that focuses on practicing the sport of horse polo. Inside the student-run program, there are 15 members from different parts of the country and the globe.

UK polo has a string of 14 top-of-the-line polo ponies, which are used for games, practices and lessons. The men’s and women’s varsity teams compete year-round against other university teams in tournaments across the country representing the University of Kentucky.

The program has members of all levels and backgrounds. The team conducts polo clinics, one to one polo and riding lessons and teaches important horsemanship skills. Members greatly enjoy sharing their passion for horses and polo with anyone that is interested to try something new and different.

Something the team is very proud about is its varsity women's team. They are on route for the national intercollegiate tournament next semester. The men's team is ranked #2 in the entire southeastern region of the U.S.

The team only requires tryouts for players interested in playing in the men’s and women’s varsity teams. Any new member has access to riding and playing while being accompanied by experienced members to help them develop their riding and polo skills. The only requisite is to be willing to learn and have fun.

Some of the team’s main events include open to public polo exhibition games, fundraisers and its annual polo ball.

The easiest way to get involved with UK Polo is to contact the team through any of its social media platforms and its members would be happy to introduce you to its program.

Insta: @Uk_polo

Facebook: University of Kentucky Polo