Working groups were formed early on in the Equine Initiative’s history, as a group of faculty, staff or students formed sub units around topic areas of interest. There are now a group of active and inactive working groups affiliated with UK Ag Equine Programs.

Active working groups include:

Equine Agents Working Group

Chair: Don Sorrel, Campbell County

The group’s primary purpose is to identify county-based equine programming needs, develop resources to address those needs and assist in increasing equine programming efforts on the county level. Based on the results of an Equine Program Survey the following committees were developed: First Time Horse Own­ers, Trail Riding and Horse Calendar.


Equine Nutrition Working Group

Chair: Dr. Laurie Lawrence

Formed in 2011, the Equine Nutrition Working Group is comprised of individuals from several areas within and outside of the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Faculty from the Departments of Animal and Food Sciences, Plant and Soil Sciences and Veterinary Science, as well as scientists from the Forage Animal Production Research Unit (USDA-Agricultural Research Service) participate regularly. The working group combines researchers, teachers and extension personnel. It pro­vides a forum for colleagues to interact and learn about ongoing activities related to equine nutrition and to identify issues that can be addressed by research or enhanced educational efforts. By fostering scientific exchange and collaboration, the working group en­hances efficient use of existing resources and identifies potential funding opportunities for new research initia­tives. In addition the working group brings together individuals with diverse expertise relating to equine nutrition in order to provide improved educational materials and programs.


Pasture and Forage Working Group

Chair: Dr. Ray Smith, co-chair: Dr. Bob Coleman

The Pasture and Forage Working group started late in 2008 and typically meets every two months. Attendees include extension and research specialists in forages, weeds, USDA, Animal and Food Sciences, Gluck and VDL. County agriculture agents make up the other half of the working group and surrounding county agents are strong supporters of the working group.

Goals of this group include:

  • Putting on educational field days to focus on pas­ture management and equine health on horse farms
  • Facilitating collaborative research among differ­ent groups and focusing research on current issues of the horse industry as it relates to pastures and forages
  • Represent forages and UK Ag Equine Programs at field days and other events
  • Facilitate the flow of information from the uni­versity to the farms (via county agents) and in the reverse
  • Create a united, informed front to face issues that arise within the industry


Inactive or disbanded working groups include:

  • Human Resources Working Group
  • Infectious Diseases Working Group
  • Social Sciences Working Group
  • Student Working Group