There are several ways to keep up with happenings in UK Ag Equine Programs, from traditional news releases to our award-winning newsletters. The Wildcat Canter is the program's newsletter with a focus on students, program events and news. The Equine Science Review is the program's newest publication, covering the equine research and outreaching happenings at UK. And, from 2009 through 2019, the program published the the Bluegrass Equine Digest, which was distributed in conjunction with The

Additionally, the program maintains several active Facebook pages (UK Ag Equine Programs, Gluck Equine Research Center, UK Equine Career Fair and UK Equine Alumni pages are some you might consider following). UK Ag Equine Programs (@UKAgEquine) and the Gluck Equine Research Center (@UKGluckCenter) can also be found on Twitter. Finally, UK Ag Equine Programs is also on Instagram.

For more information or a media contact, please email