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Emeritus Professor
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Professional Profile

Positions Held

June, 1990 to present -- Wright-Markey Chair of Equine Infectious Diseases, University of Kentucky

August, 1974 to 1990 -- Assistant Professor to Professor of Veterinary Virology and Veterinary Science, Louisiana State University

August, 1973 - August, 1974 Veterinary Medical Officer, USDA, Plum Island Animal Disease Center


6461616 EIAV P26 Deletion Vaccine and Diagnostic, US Patent Issued October 8, 2002.

6528250 Equine Infectious Anemia Challenge Model For Testing Vaccines, Diagnostics and Treatments, US Patent Issued March 4, 2003.

01966602.3-2402-US0127599 EIAV Chimeric Vaccine and Diagnostic, European Patent Issued April 24, 2003.

6585978 EIA Vaccine and Diagnostic, US Patent Issued July1, 2003.

6727078 EIAV P26 Deletion Vaccine and Diagnostic, US Patent  Issued April 27, 2004.

7026113  EIA Vaccine and Diagnostic, US Patent issued April 11, 2006.

Selected Publications 

Li, F., Leroux, C., Craigo, J.K., Cook, S.J., Issel, C.J., and Montelaro, R.C. 2000. The S2 gene of equine infectious anemia virus is a highly conserved determinant of viral  replication and virulence properties in experimentally  infected ponies. J. Virol. 74:573-579.

Hammond, S.A., Li, F., McKeon, B.M., Sr., Cook, S.J., Issel, C.J., and Montelaro, R.C. 2000. Immune responses and viral replication in long-term inapparent carrier ponies inoculated with equine infectious anemia virus. J. Virology 74:5968-5981.

Cook, S.J., Cook, R.F., Montelaro, R.C., and Issel, C.J. 2001. Differential responses of Equus caballus and Equus asinus to infection with 2 pathogenic strains of equine infectious anemia virus. Vet Micro. 79:93-109.

Leroux, C., Craigo, J.K., Issel, C.J., and Montelaro, R.C. 2001. Equine infectious anemia virus genomic evolution in progressor and non-progressor ponies. J. Virol. 75:4570-4583.

Issel, C.J., Sinclear, J.N., Bolin, P.S., Cook, S.J.,  Anderson, G., Marshall, M., Rogers, L.E., Mathis, J., and  Lekas, J. 2000. Investigations on equine infectious anemia  in equids from the Uintah Basin in Utah, 1999-2000. US An Health Assn. Proc. 104:372-382.

Craigo, J.K., Leroux, C., Howe, L., Steckbeck, J.D., Cook, S.J., Issel, C.J., and Montelaro, R.C. 2002. Transient immune suppression of inapparent carrier ponies infected with neutralization-resistant EIAV redirects antibody responses and lowers steady state viral replication. J. Gen Virol  83:1353-1359.

Zhou, W., Cook, R.F., Cook, S.J., Hammond, S.A., Rushlow, K., Ghabrial, N.N., Berger, S.L., Montelaro, R.C., and Issel, C.J. 2002. Multiple RNA splicing and the presence of cryptic RNA splice donor and acceptor sites may contribute  to low expression levels and poor immunogenicity of potential  DNA vaccines containing the env gene of equine infectious  anemia virus (EIAV). Vet Micro 88/2:127-151.

Cook, R.F., Cook, S.J., Li, F., Montelaro, R.C., and Issel,  C.J. 2002. Development of a multiplex real-time reverse  transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction for equine infectious  anemia virus (EIAV). J Virol Meth 105:171-179.

Howe, L., Leroux, C., Issel, C.J., and Montelaro, R.C. 2002. Equine infectious anemia virus envelope evolution in vivo during persistent infection progressively increases resistance to in vitro serum antibody neutralization as a dominant phenotype. J. Virol. 76(21):10588-10597.

Li, F., Craigo, J.K., Howe, L., Steckbeck, J.D., Cook, S., Issel, C., and Montelaro, R.C. 2003. A live attenuated  EIAV proviral vaccine with a modified S2 gene provides protection from detectable infection by intravenous virulent  virus challenge of experimentally inoculated horses. J.Virology 77(13):7244-7253.

Reis, J.K.P., Craigo, J.K., Cook, S.J., Issel, C.J., and Montelaro, R.C. 2003. Characterization of EIAV LTR variability  and compartmentalization in various reservoir tissues of  long term inapparent carrier ponies. Virology 311:169-180.

Cook, R.F., Cook, S.J., Berger, S.L., Leroux, C., Ghabrial, N.N., Gantz, M., Bolin, P.S., Mousel, M.R., Montelaro,R.C. and Issel, C.J. 2003. Enhancement of equine infectious  anemia virus virulence by identification and removal of suboptimal nucleotides. Virology 313:588-603.

Jin, S., Issel, C.J., and Montelaro, R.C. 2004. Differential serological diagnosis of equine infectious anemia virus  infected and vaccinated horses using recombinant S2 protein. Clin. and Diag. Lab. Imm. 11(6):1120-1129.

Issel, C.J., and Cook, S.J. 2004. Equine infectious anemia testing and control of EIA: how much is enough? USAnHealthAssn Proc 108:316-327.

 Curriculum Vitae


University of California, Berkeley; A.B., 1965. (Zoology)

University of California, Davis; D.V.M., 1969.

University of Wisconsin, Madison; M.S., Ph.D., 1971,1973. (Veterinary Science)

Areas of Interest

equine research, genetics and genomics, infectious diseases