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Professional Profile

Appointments and Professional Experience

07/12-Present; Professor, Department of Veterinary Science, M.H. Gluck Equine Research Center, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.

08/09-Present; Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Veterinary Science,  University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.

07/05-06/12; Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Science, M.H. Gluck Equine Research Center, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.

07/99-06/05; Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Science, M.H. Gluck Equine Research Center, University of  Kentucky, Lexington, KY.

01/93-06/99; Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Molecular Microbiology, Washington University School of  Medicine, St. Louis, MO.


Amerman Family  Equine Research Endowment, 2004-present.

University  of Kentucky Faculty Futures Award, 2004.

NIAID  Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Internal Medicine, Washington University  School of Medicine, 1993-1996.

George  A. LaRue Award, Outstanding Meeting Presentation and Accomplishments in  Parasitology, Annual Midwestern Conference of Parasitologists, Eau Claire, WI, 1992.

Pittsburgh  Supercomputing Center Travel Award, Nucleic Acid and Protein Sequence Analysis  Workshop, 1992.

Selected Publications

Gautam, A.*,  J.P. Dubey, W.J. Saville, and D.K. Howe.   2011.  The SnSAG merozoite surface  antigens of Sarcocystis neurona are expressed differentially during the  bradyzoite and sporozoite life cycle stages.   Veterinary Parasitology 183:37-42.

Yeargan, M.R.*,  and D.K. Howe.  2011.  Improved detection of equine antibodies  against Sarcocystis neurona using  polyvalent ELISAs based on the parasite SnSAG surface antigens.  Veterinary Parasitology 176:16-22.

Furr, M., Howe,  D., Reed, S., and Yeargan, M*. 2011.  Antibody coefficients for  the diagnosis of Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis.  Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine  25:138-142.

Gaji, R.Y.*,  and D.K. Howe.  2009.  The heptanucleotide motif GAGACGC is a key  component of a cis-acting element  that is critical for SnSAG1 expression in Sarcocystis  neurona.  Molecular and Biochemical  Parasitology 166:85-88.

Crowdus, C.A.*,  A.E. Marsh, W.J. Saville, D.S. Lindsay; J.P. Dubey, D.E. Granstrom, and D.K.  Howe.  2008.  SnSAG5 is an alternative surface antigen of Sarcocystis  neurona strains that is mutually exclusive to SnSAG1.  Veterinary Parasitology 158:36-43.

Howe, D.K., R.Y.  Gaji*, A.E. Marsh, B.A. Patil*, W.J. Saville, D.S.  Lindsay, J.P. Dubey, and D.E. Granstrom.   2008.  Strains of Sarcocystis neurona exhibit differences  in their surface antigens, including the absence of the major surface antigen  SnSAG1.  International Journal for Parasitology  38:623-631.

Herman, R.K.*, R. Molestina, A. Sinai, and  D.K. Howe.  2007.  The apicomplexan  pathogen Neospora caninum inhibits host cell apoptosis in the absence of  discernible NF-B activation.  Infection  and Immunity 75(9):4255-4262.  (Article highlighted in issue’s Spotlight  section)

Gaji, R.Y.*,  D. Zhang*, C. Breathnach, S. Vaishnava, B. Striepen, and D.K.  Howe.  2006.  Molecular genetic transfection of the  coccidian parasite Sarcocystis neurona.  Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology  150:1-9.

Zhang, D.*,  R.Y. Gaji*, and D.K. Howe.   2006.  Identification of a  dithiol-dependent nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase in Sarcocystis neurona.   International Journal for Parasitology 36:1197-1204.  (Featured  on Journal cover)

Hoane, J.S.*, J.K. Morrow, W.J. Saville, J.P.  Dubey, D.E. Granstrom, and D.K. Howe.   2005.  Enzyme-linked immunosorbent  assays for the detection of equine antibodies specific to Sarcocystis neurona surface antigens.  Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology  12(9):1050-1056.

Vaishnava, S., D.P. Morrison, R.Y. Gaji*, J.M.  Murray, R. Entzeroth, D.K. Howe,  and B. Striepen.  2005.  Plastid segregation and cell division in the  apicomplexan parasite Sarcocystis neurona.  Journal of Cell Science 118:3397-3407.

Hoane, J.S.*, M.R. Yeargan*, S. Stamper*,  W.J. Saville, J.K. Morrow, D.S. Lindsay, and D.K. Howe.  2005.   Recombinant NhSAG1 ELISA: a sensitive and specific assay for detecting  antibodies against Neospora hughesi in equine serum.  Journal of Parasitology 91(2):446-452.

Howe, D.K., R. Gaji*, M. Mroz-Barrett*,  M-J. Gubbels, B. Striepen, and S. Stamper*.  2005.  Sarcocystis neurona merozoites express  a family of immunogenic surface antigens that are orthologues of the Toxoplasma  gondii surface antigens (SAGs) and SAG-related sequences.  Infection and Immunity 73(2):1023-1033.

 Curriculum Vitae



Purdue University (W. Lafayette, IN); Ph.D.: Molecular Parasitology,December 1992

University  of Illinois (Urbana, IL);  1990-1991

Western Illinois University (Macomb, IL); M.S.: Biology/Parasitology, July 1990

Western Illinois University (Macomb, IL); B.S.: Biology, May 1988

Areas of Interest

equine research, graduate education, Microbiology, parasitology