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Professional Profile

Current Appointments

Research Professor, Department of Veterinary Science

Previous Appointments 

1985-2008; Professor, Colorado State University

1980-1985; Associate Professor, Colorate State University

1976-1980; Assistant Professor, Colorado State University

1974-1976; Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire  

Scholarships, Fellowships, Academic Honors

Kentucky Equine Research Hall of Fame - 2007.

Horse Person of the Year Award, Colorado Horse Council -  2006.

George Stubbs Award, American Association of Equine  Practitioners - 2005.

 Honorary Vice President, American Quarter Horse Association  - 2005.

Board of Governors, International Embryo Transfer Society -  2005-2008.

Society for Theriogenology, Honorary Member - 1999.

College of Theriogenology, Honorary Diplomate - 1999.

Colorado State University, Sigma Xi Honored Researcher -  1999.

Animal Physiology and Endocrinology Award, American Society  of Animal Science - 1999.

Fellows Award, Equine Nutrition and Physiology Society -  1997.

Outstanding Mentor Award, NIH-funded Science Motivation  Program - 1996.

Jack E. Cennak Outstanding Advisor Award for Graduate  School, Colorado State University - 1993-1994.

Oliver P. Pennock Distinguished Service Award, Colorado  State University - 1991.

Distinguished Service in Equine Science Award, Equine  Nutrition and Physiology Society - 1989.

President, Equine Nutrition and Physiology Society -  1985-1987.

Colorado State University Faculty Alumni Award - 1985.

Young Scientist Award, Western Section American Society of  Animal Science - 1984.

NIH Predoctoral Fellowship, University of Wisconsin -  1971-1974.

Teaching Assistantship, West Virginia University -  1969-1971.

American Society of Animal Science Scholarship Award.

Selected Publications

Li, G.-P., G.E. Seidel, Jr. and E.L. Squires. 2004. Improved  cleavage of bovine ICSI ova cultured in heparin-containing medium.  Theriogenology 61:1077-1084.

Preis, K.A., E.M. Carnevale, M.A. Coutinho da Silva, V.  Caracciolo di Brienza, G.M. Gomes, L.J. Maclellan and E.L. Squires. 2004. In vitro maturation and transfer of  equine oocytes after transport of ovaries at 12 or 22 C. Theriogenology  61:1215-1223.

Backman, T., J.E. Bruemmer, J.K. Graham and E.L. Squires.  2004. Pregnancy rates of mares inseminated with semen cooled for 18 hours and  then frozen. J. Anim. Sci. 82:690-694.

Niswender, K.D., P.M. McCue and E.L. Squires. 2004. Effect  of purified equine follicle-stimulating hormone on follicular development and  ovulation in transitional mares. J. Equine Vet. Sci. 24:37-39.

Glazar, B.S., P.M. McCue, J.E. Bruemmer and E.L. Squires.  2004. Deslorelin on day 8 or 12 postovulation does not luteinize follicles  during an artificially maintained diestrous phase in the mare. Theriogenology  62:57-64.

Bass, L.D., D.J. Denniston, L.J. Maclellan, P.M. McCue, G.E.  Seidel, Jr. and E.L. Squires. 2004. Methanol as a cryoprotectant for equine  embryos. Theriogenology 62:1153-1159.

Squires, E.L., S.L. Keith and J.K. Graham. 2004. Evaluation  of alternative cryoprotectants for preserving stallion spermatozoa.  Theriogenology 62:1056-1065.

Landim-Alvarenga, F.C., J.K. Graham, M.A. Alvarenga and E.L.  Squires. 2004. Calcium influx into equine and bovine spermatozoa during in vitro capacitation. Anim. Reprod.  1:96-105.

Carnevale, E.M., M.A. Coutinho da Silva, L.J. Maclellan,  G.E. Seidel, Jr. and E.L. Squires. 2004. Use of parentage testing to determine  optimum insemination time and culture media for oocyte transfer in mares.  Reproduction 128:623-628.

Lindsey, A.C., D.D. Varner, G.E. Seidel, Jr., J.E. Bruemmer  and E.L. Squires. 2005. Hysteroscopic or rectally guided, deep-uterine  insemination of mares with spermatozoa stored for 18 h at either 5 C or 15 C  prior to flow-cytometric sorting. Anim. Reprod. Sci. 85:125-130.

Eldridge-Panuska, W.D., V. Caracciolo di Brienza, G.E.  Seidel, Jr., E.L. Squires and E.M. Carnevale. 2005. Establishment of  pregnancies after serial dilution or direct transfer by vitrified equine  embryos. Theriogenology 63:1308-1319.

Curriculum Vitae



PhD, 1974, University of Wisconsin

MS, 1971, West Virginia University

BS, 1969, West Virginia University

Areas of Interest

equine education, equine research, graduate education, reproductive health