Eugene Lyons, Ph.D

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Professional Profile

University Employment

Kansas State University, Graduate Research Assistant,1956-1958

University of Kentucky, Assistant Professor of Animal Pathology, 1958-1960

Colorado State University, Graduate Research Assistant, 1960-1963

University of Kentucky, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Science, 1963-1970

University of Kentucky, Associate Professor of Veterinary Science, 1970-1977

University of Kentucky, Professor of Veterinary Science, 1977-present


Thomas Poe Cooper Award (Univ. of KY Research award) – 1976

Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist (American Association  of Veterinary Parasitologists) – 1991 (co-awardee – J.H. Drudge)

Recent Publications

Lyons, E.T. and Tolliver, S.C.  Prevalence of parasite eggs (Strongyloides  westeri, Parascaris equorum, and  strongyles) and oocysts (Eimeria  leuckarti) in the feces of Thoroughbred foals on 14 farms in central  Kentucky in 2003. Parasitol. Res 92:400-404, 2004.

Spraker, T.R., Lyons, E.T.,  DeLong, R.L., and Zink, R.R. Penetration of the small intestine of a California  sea lion (Zalophus californianus) pup  by adult hookworms (Uncinaria spp).Parasitol.  Res. 92:436-438, 2004.

Kaplan, Ray M., Klei, Tom R., Lyons, Eugene T., Lester, Guy, Courtney, Charles H.,  French, Dennis D.  Tolliver, Sharon C.,  Vidyashankar, Anand, N., and Zhao, Ying.   Prevalence of Anthelmintic resistant cyathostomes on horse farms.  JAVMA 225: 903-910, 2004.

Lyons, E.T. and DeLong, R.L.  Photomicrographic images of some features of Uncinaria spp (Nematoda: Ancylostomatidae)  from otariid pinnipeds.  Parasitol. Res.  95: 346-352, 2005.

Lyons, E.T.  Historic importance of some aspects of  research by O. Wilford Olsen on hookworms (Uncinaria  lucasi) in northern fur seals (Callorhinus  ursinus) and Steller sea lions (Eumatopias  jubatus) in 1951 on St. Paul Island, Alaska.  Parasitol. Res. 95: 353-357, 2005.

Tandon, R., Lyons, E. T.,  Tolliver, S. C.,  and Kaplan, R. M.  Effect of moxidectin selection on the genetic  variation within Cylicocyclus nassatus based on amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP).  Int. J. Parasitol. 35: 813-819, 2005.

Lyons, E. T., DeLong, R. L.,  Spraker, T. R., Melin, S. R., Laake, J. L., and Tolliver, S .C.  Seasonal prevalence and intensity of  hookworms (Uncinaria spp.) in  California sea lion (Zalophus  californinus) pups born in 2002 on San Miguel Island, California.  Parasitol. Res. 96: 127-132, 2005.

Acevedo-Whitehouse, K, Spraker,  T. R., Lyons, E., Melin, S. R., Gulland, F., DeLong, R. L., and Amos, W.  Contrasting effects of heterozygosity on  survival and hookworm resistance in California sea lion pups.  Molecular Ecology 15: 1973-1982, 2006.

Castinel, A., Duignan, P. J.,  Pomroy, W. E., Lyons, E. T., Nadler, S.A.,   Dailey, M. D., Wilkinson, L. S., and Chilvers, B. L.  First report and characterization of adult Uncinaria spp. in New Zealand sea lion (Phocarctos hookeri) pups from the  Auckland Islands, New Zealand.   Parasitol. Res. 98: 304-309, 2006.

Lyons, E. T., Tolliver, S. C.,  and Collins, S. S.  Field studies on  endoparasites of Thoroughbred foals on seven farms in central Kentucky in  2004.  Parasitol. Res. 98: 496-500, 2006.

Lyons, E. T., Tolliver, S. C.,  and Collins, S. S.  Prevalence of large  endoparasites at necropsy in horses infected with Population B small strongyles  in a herd established in Kentucky in 1966.   Parasitol. Res. 99: 114-118, 2006.

Bryant, U. K., Lyons, E. T.,  Bain, F. T. and Hong, C. B.  Halicephalobus gingivalis-associated  meningoencephalitis in a Thoroughbred foal. J. Vet. Diag. Invest. 18: 612--615,  2006.

Lyons, E. T., Tolliver, S. C.,  Drudge, J. H., and Coleman, R. J. Controlling Internal Parasites of the Horse.  Vet. 1, Revised 2006.

Lyons, E. T., Tolliver, S. C.,  Drudge, J. H., and Collins, S. S. Tapeworms in Horses.  Vet 32,  Revised 2006.

Lyons, E. T., Tolliver. S. C.,  Rathgeber, R. A., and Collins, S. S. Parasite field study in central Kentucky on Thoroughbred foals (born in  2004) treated with pyrantel tartrate daily and other parasiticides  periodically.  Parasitol. Res. 100:  473-478, 2007.      

Castinel, A., Duignan, P. J.,  Lyons, E .T., Pomroy, W. E., Lopez-Villalobos, N., Wilkinson, L. S., Chilvers,  B. L., Gibbs, N.  Epidemiology of  hookworm (Uncinaria spp) infection n New Zealand (Hooker’s) Sea Lions (Phocarctos hookeri) pups on Enderby Island, Auckland Islands (New  Zealand) during the breeding seasons from 1999/2000 to 2004/2005.  Parasitol. Res. 101: 53-62, 2007.

Curriculum Vitae


South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD– Zoology (Wildlife; Agriculture) BS – 1956

Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS – Zoology (Parasitology) MS – 1958

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO – Zoology (Parasitology) PhD – 1963

Areas of Interest

equine research, parasitology