Michael Flythe, Ph.D

Adjunct Faculty
Research Mircrobiologist
USDA-ARS Forage Animal Production Research Scientist

Phone (859) 257-1647

Agriculture Science Building Noth
Lexington KY 40546

Curriculum Vitae
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Professional Profile

Work History

2006 to present-Research microbiologist

USDA, Agricultural Research Service   


2001 to 2006, Research assistant, Teaching assistant, Instructor

Cornell University, Department of Microbiology


1999 to 2001,Teaching assistant

Bridgewater College, Department of Biology    


1991 to 1996, Infantryman

United States Marine Corps

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

G.E. Aiken, M.D. Flythe (2014) Vasoconstrictive responses by the carotid and auricular arteries in goats to ergot. Frontiers in Chemistry 101 (2): 1-6


E. Marfo-Ahenkora, G E Aiken, M D Flythe (2014) Fermentation characteristics and nutritive value of low moisture silage made from mature bermudagrass (C. dactylon) and switchgrass (P. virgatum) in mixture with alfalfa (M. sativa) or treated with urea and plantain (Musa AAB) Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science 47 (1): 15-29


D.M. Kato, N.E. Elía, M.D. Flythe, B.C. Lynn (2014) Pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass using Fenton chemistry. Bioresource Technology 162: 273-278


B.E., Harlow, L.M., Lawrence, I.A Kagan, M.D. Flythe (2014) Inhibition of fructan-fermenting equine fecal bacteria and Streptococcus bovis by hops (Humulus lupulus L.) β-acid. Journal of Applied Microbiology 177: 329-339


I.A. Kagan, M.D. Flythe (2014) Thin-layer chromatographic (TLC) separations and bioassays of plant extracts to identify antimicrobial compounds. Journal of Visualized Experimentation 85: e51411


B.E., Harlow, L.M. Lawrence, M.D. Flythe (2013) Diarrhea-associated pathogens, lactobacilli and cellulolytic bacteria in equine feces: Responses to antibiotic challenge.  Veterinary Microbiology 166: 225–232  


2006 Ph.D., Microbiology, Cornell University; Ithaca, NY


2001 B.S., Biology, Bridgewater College; Bridgewater, VA


1998 A.S., Science, Thomas Nelson Community College; Hampton, VA

Areas of Interest

equine research, Forages, Microbiology