William Witt, Ph.D
Emeritus Professor

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Weed Science

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Aiken, G. E., B. Goff, W. W. Witt, B. Sleugh, I. A. Kagan, P. Burch, and F. N. Schrick. 2012. Steer and plant responses to chemical suppression of seedhead emergence in toxic endophyte-infected tall fescue. Crop Science 52(2): 960-969. Published online: doi: 10.2135/cropsci2011.07.0377.  Authors in PSS Dept.: William W. Witt Glen Aiken Isabelle Kagan Ben Goff

Goff, B., G. E. Aiken, W. W. Witt, B. Sleugh, and P. Burch.  2012. Steer consumption and ergovaline recovery from in vitro digested residues of tall fescue seedheads. Crop Science 52(3): 1437-1440. (Ben Goff was a PhD student in Crop Science)  Authors in PSS Dept.: William W. Witt Glen Aiken Ben Goff

Norsworthy, J., S. Ward, D. Shaw, R. Llewellyn, T. Nichols, T. Webster, K. Bradley, G. Frisvold, S. Powles, N. Burgos, W. W. Witt*, and M. Barrett. 2012. Reducing the Risks of Herbicide Resistance: Best Management Practices and Recommendations. Weed Science: Special Issue 2012 60: 31-62. Published online: doi: 10.1614/WS-D-11-00155.1.   Authors in PSS Dept.: William W. Witt Michael Barrett

Tolson, J. A., J. D. Green, W. W. Witt, G. Schwab, and J. Omielan. 2012. Integrated Management Strategies Reduced Tall Ironweed (Vernonia altissima) Populations and Weed Biomass and Improved Tall Fescue (Lolium arundinaceum) Pasture Productivity. Weed Science 60: 106-112. (Joshua Tolson was a PhD student in Crop Science)   Authors in PSS Dept.: William W. Witt Joseph Omielan Jonathan Green

Burch, P.L., W.W. Witt, E.S. Hagood, and B.B. Sleugh. 2009. Pasture weed and brush control with herbicide mixtures. Proceedings, Southern Weed Science Society 62:142.

Edwards, M.E., J.D. Green, and W.W. Witt. 2009. Effect of herbicide application timing on spiny amaranth. Proceedings, North Central Weed Science Society 64:80. Authors in PSS Dept.: William W. Witt Jonathan Green

Tolson, J., J.D. Green, and W.W. Witt. 2009. Integrated management strategies to reduce weed populations in pastures. North Central Weed Science Society Proceedings 64:79. Authors in PSS Dept.: William W. Witt Joshua Tolson Jonathan Green

Witt, W.W., M.P. Blair, T. Saphangthong, and D.M. Fryman. 2008. Weed management in horse pastures following renovation. pp. 14. Proceedings, 5th International Weed Science Congress, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, June 23-27. 

Main, C.L., T.C. Mueller, R.M. Hayes, J.W. Wilcut, T.F. Peeper, R.E. Talbert, and W.W. Witt. 2004. Sulfentrazone persistence in southern soils: Bioavailable concentration and effect on a rotational cotton crop. Weed Technology 18:346-352.

Crostser, Michael P., William W. Witt, and Louis A. Spomer.  2003. Neutral density shading and far-red radiation influence black nightshade and eastern black nightshade growth.   Weed Science 51:208-215.

Ferrell, J. A. and William W. Witt 2002. Comparison of glyphosate with other herbicides for weed control in corn:  Efficacy and economics Weed Technology: 16 701-706



B.S. Oklahoma State University, 1969
M.S. Oklahoma State University, 1971
Ph.D. N.C. State University, 1974

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Extension, Forages, Plant and Soil, Weeds