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Annual gifts are a critical source of revenue for the college each year. Annual gifts come in all sizes and the results demonstrate there is power in numbers.

Annual gifts are so valuable because they either supplement existing operating budgets or they provide revenue that can be directed toward priorities that are not supported by other sources of funding. These include, but are not limited to, scholarships, support for student programs, faculty support, facility enhancement and unrestricted support for the equine department. Annual gifts provide the flexibility necessary for responding to emerging needs and opportunities that arise during the year.

In addition, a broad base of annual support influences the investment of corporations, major gift donors and foundations as they consider supporting the college. Likewise, showcasing alumni support is vital to future efforts to secure state and university support.

We invite you to invest in our program by becoming an annual donor to UK Ag Equine Programs. You can make your ONLINE (link to network for good) or contact Danielle Jostes at (859) 218-1176,