Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

About our Structure

UK Ag Equine Programs is an overarching framework for all things equine at the University of Kentucky, including a popular undergraduate degree program, equine-related student organizations, cutting-edge equine research and standard-setting outreach efforts. It crosses all three mission areas of the college and includes the work being done by several departments. The graphic below shows the interconnectedness of the program throughout the college.

There are a lot of people across the college who work on equine issues, or help contribute to the success of the program.

UK Ag Equine Programs' current director is Dr. James MacLeod. Subcommitees of faculty, staff and students form around areas of stakeholder interest to provide recommendations, planning, events and materials. Day-to-day operations of Equine Programs are handled by the Equine Programs Office. Other groups include the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Equine Forum, a group of faculty, staff and students from across UK who are interested in equine issues. Equine Forum also includes a growing number of external constituents. 

An Equine Programs Advisory Board advises on issues and direction important to the equine industry. 

Organizational Structure of UK Ag Equine Programs

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