University of Kentucky’s Ag Equine Programs, formerly the Equine Initiative, is a framework that encompasses everything equine in UK’s College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. The Equine Initiative was launched in 2005 when the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment set out to radically change how it served Kentucky’s signature equine industry and provide a suite of services appropriate for a land-grant university. In a nod acknowledging the success of those efforts and a continued commitment to the state’s equine industry, the college adopted the name UK Ag Equine Programs in early 2012 to better position its equine programs for continued success. UK Ag Equine Programs serves as the front door to equine in the college, and represents the breadth of equine offerings at UK and the college’s long-term commitment to serving the state’s signature equine industry.


Mission: To discover, share and apply new knowledge on the health, performance and management of horses, enhancing the signature status of Kentucky’s equine industry.