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Equine Programs’ Discretionary Fund

UK Ag Equine Programs is an overarching framework for all things equine at the University of Kentucky, including a popular undergraduate degree program, equine-related student organizations, cutting-edge equine research and standard-setting outreach efforts.

Gifts to its Discretionary Fund can supplement existing operating budgets or provide revenue that can be directed toward current opportunities such as scholarships, faculty and unrestricted support for UK Ag Equine Programs. Your valuable support allows the college to be flexible, responsive and demonstrate the truth that there is power in numbers.



Student Support

Traditional Scholarships: Traditional scholarships are awarded by the Office of Student Success. These scholarships can be awarded based on need, merit, county of origin and other donor specifications. Traditional scholarships help cover the cost of tuition, books, living expenses and other general necessities for a student to attend UK. As the cost of tuition rises, Traditional Scholarships are a necessity for the growth of the school and the student’s ability to succeed upon completion of their degree.

Student Experience Awards: Equine Science & Management Students have the opportunity to gain horse handling experience both academically and recreationally at the University of Kentucky. A scholarship fund for student experience would be utilized to provide funding to students who wish to study abroad, travel on equine educational trips, participate in an unpaid internship/externship and participate in one of the college’s equine clubs and teams, as well as other UK recreational and educational opportunities.

Student Research Awards: Many of our students wish to participate in research projects while attending UK. Research scholarships will provide funding to students and will promote faculty mentorship as most faculty members lack funding to support student projects. This scholarship will also help provide funding for capstone projects.