The University of Kentucky (UK) Horse Pasture Evaluation Program is entering its 14th sampling year and continues to assist farms across the state improve their pasture management regimens.

Participating farms receive detailed pasture assessments, including grass species composition and tall fescue analysis. The program also provides recommendations for maintaining and improving each pasture based on the data collected. All of the findings are compiled in a notebook and presented to participants by a program specialist.

This work aims to improve farm owners’ understanding of pasture and grazing management, reduce the need for stored feeds and reduce horses’ impact on our natural resources.

The program also has an educational component. Undergraduates working in the program learn plant identification and research principles while gaining valuable experience and exposure to agriculture.

Since its start in 2005, this program has completed more than 200 evaluations representing more than 17,000 acres in 23 different Kentucky counties. Evaluations are open for Kentucky horse farms of all sizes. For more information on the program, pricing, or to enroll, visit

Author: Krista Lea