Name: Blaire Fleming
From: Clarksville, Tennessee
Degrees and institution where received: BS in Animal and Dairy Science, minor in Spanish, Mississippi State University

Blaire Fleming had blue in her blood even before she was lucky enough to become an official Wildcat. Her older sister earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky (UK) and Fleming always enjoyed visiting her in Lexington.

“What better place to get a degree with a specialization in equine reproductive physiology than the horse capital of the world,” Fleming said. “Better yet, at one of the most internationally-renowned equine research centers.”

Fleming is mentored by Alejandro Esteller-Vico, PhD, assistant research professor at the Gluck Equine Research Center. She is currently characterizing carrier proteins in circulation in horses’ bodies.

“Once characterized, they have the potential to be used as biomarkers for a few different things, specifically anabolic steroid abuse in racehorses,” Fleming said.

When asked what her most valuable takeaway from the program was so far, she said, “You will never know everything there is to know. Things are always changing and every day is a new learning experience. There is always an opportunity to discover.”

Fleming will graduate in May 2018. She is considering whether to apply for a PhD position or see where she can apply her skills within the horse industry.

“With a degree from the Gluck Equine Research Center, I am blessed to have many options,” she said.

Author: Alexandra Harper