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About Our Alumni

With over 450 graduates, alumni from the program have pursued and landed careers in the equine industry as diverse as the industry itself. Our Equine Science and Management alums are a young, vibrant and increasingly influential group of industry professionals. They join alums from UK who blazed the trails before our four-year degree was established in 2007 and officially implemented in 2009, those whose major included an equine emphasis area and who are now established leaders and influencers in the global equine industry.

Through the college’s Equine Affiliated Alumni Network (EQAAN), one of a handful of specific interest areas chapters for alumni in the college, a wide range of equine alums can stay connected with each other and with the program. They connect with each other through events and social happenings and they connect with current students by giving their time as guest lecturers, internship host sites, job-shadowing resources, mentors, program advisors and more.

This community includes alumni from the Equine Science and Management program, equine focused graduate school degrees, majors that had an equine emphasis area and/or those who participated within UK’s equine clubs and teams.

Increasingly, this important group helps our students transition from student life to professional life. 

Through our alums, we have a connection to the past, present and future of our program.

Contact Information

N212 Ag Science Building North Lexington, KY 40546-0091

+1 (859) 257-2226