UK’s Equine Science Review celebrates one year

One year ago last April, in the first few uncertain months of the pandemic and lockdown, the University of Kentucky launched a new publication, the Equine Science Review: highlighting research & outreach efforts at the University of Kentucky. The Review is a monthly newsletter from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment that highlights the important horse-related work happening at the university. UK is home to world-class research and service excellence in equine health, safety, nutrition, pasture and forages, economics, engineering, environmental compliance and many others.

Some of the notable story highlights from the past year include:


Commentary: COVID-19 and its Significance for the Horse

Equine Innovators: COVID-19 and the Equine Economy with Dr. Jill Stowe

A look at equine markets amidst COVID-19

Commentary; COVID-19 and Horses

Gluck Equine Researcher Assists in FDA  Approvals for COVID19 Testing Device 


Infectious disease

Equine Innovators: African Horse Sickness with Dr. Peter Timoney

African Horse Sickness: Potential Threat for Disease-free Countries

UK Gluck Center and Industry Leaders Respond to Uptick of Foal Diarrhea Cases



UK Department of Veterinary Science Responds to Nocardioform Placentitis

Researching the Normal to Better Predict the Abnormal; How One Researcher is Using Her Background in Reproductive Immunology to Better Understand the Leading Cause of Equine Abortion

Zero confirmed equine lepto abortions, A 30-year first, demonstrates power of research leading to a successful vaccine

Update on Nocardioform Placentitis

Novel Biomarker for Ascending Placentitis: IL-6

Nocardioform White Paper, Video Recordings Released



UK Launches New Parasitology Video Series and Takes a Journey Through a Horse's Life

Ivermectin and Moxidectin Resistance Discovered in North America

Collaborative Study Finds Climate Change Will Accelerate Drug Resistance Development and Affect Parasite Burdens in Horses


Horse and rider safety

Studying Rotational Falls to Find Solutions and Improve Eventing Safety

Promising developments in quest to prevent catastrophic racehorse injuries; UK study shows association between mRNA biomarkers and catastrophic injuries in Thoroughbred racehorses

Equine Innovators: Racetrack Surfaces with Dr. Mick Peterson

Developing a More Effective Measurement Tool; UK Researcher Working to Make Horseracing Safer Through Measurements on Track Surface Consistency

Follow-up UK mRNA Biomarker Study Will Build on Promising Research into Preventing Catastrophic Racehorse Injuries

Leading Horseracing Organizations Partner with UK to Support Research Efforts to Improve Surface Safety

Helmet Safety and Connection of Horseshoes to Osteoarthritis Issues are Two Focus Areas for UK Engineering Seniors

UK Students Working to Develop Safety Standard for Equestrian Helmets


Pasture and Forage

Tall Fescue Risk Measured Through Field and Manure Measurements

The Tenacity of Buttercup

Complete pasture renovation 

Is rained-on hay any good?

Which Grasses Should You Plant in Your Pastures? Seed Selection for Pasture Renovation

Watch for Blister Beetles in Hay

Roots: Building Healthier Pastures from the Ground Up

Pasture Renovations will Help Horse Farm Implement Rotational Grazing

Rotational Grazing on Horse Farms

Cost SAVING Moves for Winter Pasture

Optimizing Existing Forage Resources

An Equine New Year’s Resolution: Better Pasture Management

Justifying Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue No More

Control Efforts for Poison Hemlock and Buttercups Begin in Late Winter



Equine Innovators Podcast Features UK’s Dr. Laurie Lawrence on Equine Nutrition Research 


Genetics and genomics

Inbreeding and Genomics

Harnessing the Power of Big Data Holds Promise for Equine Precision Medicine


Analytical chemistry

UK’s Gluck Equine Research Foundation Looking to Future with Equine Biological Passport Program


Science Sleuths: the science that shapes diagnostic tests

PCR: what’s behind commonly used acronym?

What Does ‘Statistically Significant’ Actually Mean?

Wanted Dead or Alive – Does PCR Supersede Traditional Techniques?

What Does Ro Mean?

PCR, qPCR – What’s the Difference?

The Science That Shapes Diagnostic Tests: Endemic, Epidemic or Pandemic?  

Zoonotic? It Might Not Mean What You Think it Means.

Vaccines - Where Would we be Without Them?


Aged horse research

One Year in, MARS Equestrian™ Fellow at UK’s Gluck Center Continues to Help Older Horses

Research Shows that PPID Horses Experience Altered Immune Function

UK Gluck Center Launches National Survey on Horses Aged 15 Years and Older

Equine Innovators Podcast Features UK’s Dr. Amanda Adams on Older Horse



If you Build it, Will They  Come? Undergrad Research Project Studies Horses’ Inclination to Seek Shade at Certain Temperatures

Undergrad Research Project Studies Horses’ Inclination to Seek Shade at Certain Temps and Times of Day in Central Kentucky

2020 Sustainability Challenge Grant Program: Aerated Manure Compost Facility for the Smaller Horse Farm Operation


Insects and pests

Asian Longhorned Tick Found in Kentucky



UK, Launch New “Equine Innovators” Podcast

Adoption of Uniform Terminology Assists in Legitimizing Equine-assisted Services (EAS)